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Salad Spoons

"I'm Hungry"

I believe that it is important that children have the opportunities to eat foods that they wouldn't normally eat, trying new tastes and textures is key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. We partnered with Nursery Kitchen in 2022 because they provide an excellent range of foods specifically for ages 0 - 5 

The food is hand picked from their menus and all foods cater for Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free and all Allergies. We have found that in recent years that there are a lot more children with intolorences and Nursery Kitchen are a great help as their meals cater for everyone. 

Food is delivered on a Tuesday and a Thursday and prepared on site. 

We are also a Nut and Fish free setting 

Take a look at our delicious menus 

Our Menu | Nursery Kitchen 


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